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In simplicity, our philosophy is based upon what we call the ABCs of life - Awareness, Belief, and Commitment. Awareness of who we are and why we are here; Belief of the real power in each of us; and Commitment to complete our purpose.  Get Grounded Now!

Having a professionally credentialed coach qualified to work specifically with driven, high-profile personalities helps them to find clarity, purpose, focus, passion, confidence, mastermind in trust,  overcome the challenges, and stay true-to-self.  Purpose + Passion = Progress.

CelebrityPros professionals work from a perspective that values relationship and collaboration. Our method is unique in that we combine wisdom from many disciplines in the cutting edge of Neuroscience and Integrative Psychology. We view life challenges from a whole persona, multi-dimensional approach, which includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We provide a supportive and empowering environment to help clients learn more effective methods of coping with and managing whatever is getting in the way of their success. A person's concept of self influences behavior and is related to emotional state and well-being. We work from an interpersonal and cognitive behavioral framework to honor and understand each person's unique story. This work is client driven and strength based.

"Human beings are complex energy systems, and full engagement is not simply one-dimensional. To be fully alive and thriving at our peak requires drawing on four separate but related sources of energy: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All four dynamics are critical, none is sufficient by itself and each profoundly influences the others. To perform at our best, we must skillfully manage each of these interconnected dimensions of energy...."  ~ from The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

​"Living a balanced life happens when the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies

are all in sync with your values."  ~ Linda Hodge



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Schedule a discovery intake session   

Plan on one and a half hours 

During this session we will collaborate and determine a game plan that works best for you. 

If you are on the fast pace of life and needing someone with an unbiased ear, a fresh perspective;

someone you can trust to help ground you without slowing you down; someone you can talk with privately who isn't vested in your finances; and someone who will really listen, observe and have the ability to see all of the pieces that can bring clarity in moments of overwhelm, confusion, or distress... Scheduling a discover intake session for your own private consultation, is the first step.​


There is so much more to what we do than could be captured on a website. Hopefully, this will give you insight to the observations that led to the origination of Celebrity Professional Services (CelebrityPros).

Having worked with celebrities and high profile personalities for over twenty years, it is our goal to catch that fresh, young talent on the front end of their career to help them get grounded and stabilized as they enter the whirlwind of celebrity life. And before they find themselves in overwhelm and potentially, crisis. We noticed a common thread among those who are thrown into that great white hot light of fame, without grounding.  PROFILE: Driven. Successful. On the road. This fast-paced lifestyle can be exciting, rewarding, even chaotic. Publicity and fame feed the ego. Raw talent pumps adrenaline through the veins, oft to the point of addiction. Feeding that addiction means staying on top. Staying on top means keeping the pace. Keeping the pace means slugging the Red Bull, caffeine, or whatever the latest, greatest new potion is to stimulate energy; then your brain is so wired you need Ambien or some other chemical or prescription drug, to get any rest. Until one day, if you wake up, you may discover you are living the life everyone expects of you - and have lost sight of who you really are... if you really ever knew. Burned out, exhausted, brain chemistry destroyed, anxiety, feelings of being alone, empty, void. Loss of passion. Sound familiar? Some are on a downward spiral, believing their own press. That's when someone cares enough to help them find us, to help get them back on track. We are the 'missing link'.   (to confirm the need, read what celebrities have publicly expressed)

Many simply need a personal confidante, not attached to their paychecks. Someone to listen and facilitate a process of overcoming frustrations, anxiety, loneliness, fears, or deep spiritual hunger. Someone who is professionally skilled in the art of questioning rather than giving advice. Someone outside of their circle of friends, family, and representation - because as we all will admit, we wouldn't confide our shortcomings to those whose approval we seek. It is only human to want those closest to us to maintain a healthy, sparkling image of the golden child whom they represent. This is the 'missing link' in the world of celebrity that has been evident to us for decades. If high profile personalities felt they had a safe, confidential environment, and a skilled professional (without the stigma of therapy) trained to facilitate a personal phone conversation once a week or every other week (consistency is key), we would see a remarkable decrease in 'The High Price of Fame'. 

With their own hectic lifestyle and the number of clients Agents, Managers, and Publicists serve, they don't have time for these regularly scheduled, friendly little chats (other than the ones they have with us to maintain their own sanity!). This is not their area of expertise, which is why CelebrityPros has become Talent Representation's Best Friend! 

Having a personal coach with expertise in areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Mental Emotional Release, Naturopathy and Integrative Health Psychology is non-threatening and vital to the image of the celebrity. Having your own personal coach actually indicates your status - you have arrived!

Get a Manager; Get an Agent; Get a Life Coach